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SnK Chapter 56 Live Translation Finished!


Wow that was a whirlwind task. But I think I did okay! Enjoy everyone (And please don’t use without permission - thanks)!

Some personal spoiler-y thoughts behind the Read More:

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alright so pretty late but eh

A Choice With No Regrets CHAPTER 5 - HEART

skim-read it, for those who’s interested in what Levi and Erwin is talking about, here comes the punchlines:

Levi: …あの時、先に戦って食われた兵士がいた。俺はそいつを食ってる巨人の動きを見て戦い方を工夫することができた。。。

"…at that time, there was a soldier who got eaten while fighting. I saw that titan’s movement and figured out how to fight it."

Erwin: …そうか。お前の言うとおり調査兵団は数えきれない犠牲の上に成り立っている。私たちはまだ外の世界について知らないことが多すぎる。

"…is that so. It’s as you said, the Survey Corps holds countless victims. we still don’t know too much things about the outside world."

Erwin: だが、世界を人類の手に取り戻すためなら、その礎として心臓をささげることに悔いはないだろう。誰一人として。

"But, if it is in order to for mankind to take back the world, to offer your heart for that foundation, there is no regret. Not even a single person."


and not to forget that when Levi first met Hanji, he thought that she knew their secret and actually have the thought to kill her on the spot.

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